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  • Main description

    2143. Incarnate an Artificial Intelligence in this numerical world where virtuality replaces reality.

    A hardcore and procedural parkour Die & Retry
    Hack the Matrix in The Netrunner Awaken1ng, an ultra-dynamic 3D first-person platform die & retry with fluid and fast-paced gameplay.

    In this challenging parkour game, speedrun, jump, slide, dive and dash at the beat of an adaptive electro-techno music to hack your way through each procedurally generated level. Rely solely on your matrix parkour skills to hack through these multiple deadly defense systems to steal the Datas and escape before the Disconnection(), alive!

    • Dynamic parkour gameplay
      Speedrun, jump, slide, dive and dash from wall to wall in this matrix world with responsive and precise controls. Use your multithreaded powers such as Dash333 and Pathfinder() to always find your way in space.
    • Adaptive music, progressive stress
      The electro-techno music adapts and the time accelerates according to your progress in the level to always keep you in the flow.
    • Against the clock or against the numerical avalanche
      Never stop! Your survival depends on it.
    • Over 50 procedurally generated levels
      For infinite replayability. Each with a brand new game mechanic: immortal enemies, gravity changes, speed boosters, passages in parallel worlds, firewalls to hack, deadly events, bosses with too much phases...
    • Inevitable deaths
      For memorable achievements.
    • The quest for consciousness of an Artificial Intelligence
      A story in the terminal about an Artificial Intelligence that seeks to understand the origin of its identity in an entirely virtual and dystopian world.
    • Hack the levels, hack the game
      Unlock each new level by hacking its hidden password in the previous levels through an adaptive enigma.

    Good luck and happy hack1ng!
  • Logline

    2143. In a network of interconnected matrices, a virtuoso and impetuous hacker whom no one, even her, suspects of being an artificial consciousness learns of the existence of a purge of global identity planned by the largest multinational in the market credentials and decides after joining a group of revolutionary hackers to thwart their plans by hacking her from within, in order to preserve the free will of humanity.
  • Gameplay

    Enter a three-dimensional retro-neon-style Matrix, run and jump from wall to wall at a furious pace in procedurally generated levels surviving multiple deadly defense systems to steal Data and get out on time, alive .
    Only your skills as a player and your understanding of the ever-new systemic mechanics will allow you to complete your hack.


The first idea of this game started when I played Mirror Edge for the first time in 2015. The flow of the game was incredible. However, when I started to really enjoy the mechanics, the game ended. It was too easy. The challenge wasn't enough.

So I decided to create my own hardcore version.

5 years ago, I tried to develop a 3D version of the game by creating my own engine ... in 2D! It wasn't a very good idea as I was the only one that could understand what was going on on the screen x)

In 2017 I discovered Unity and decided to try to make this game work again using a 3D engine this time. And it worked nicely!

I then continued to develop the game every 2 or 3 months in my spare time.

In December 2020 I quit my job to dedicate myself fully to the development of this game now entitled The Netrunner Awaken1ng!



Dash Training
Turing's Descent
Recursive Purges
Sondes: Optimization
Brisable Road
Gravity Road
Always Reset Pathfinder
Prison Soul with SoulRobbers
Prison Soul with SoulRobbers in reprieve mode
Second Infinite Runner
Constant Destruction
Learn Intersection
Vertical Bounce
Furtive Grid
First Boss 1
First Boss 2
First Boss 3
Level Selector


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Gif Dash Training
Gif Hello World!
Gif Mechanics Infinite Runner

Below are old version gifs

Gif The Fall Cube Destruction
Gif Inside the Transistor
Gif Constant Destruction
Gif Learn Intersection
Gif Bounce Highway
Gif Vertical Bounce
Gif Always Reset
Gif Swap Highway